Best Pizza in Philadelphia: Where To Get Pizza in Philly in 2020

Best Pizza in Philadelphia: Where To Get Pizza in Philly in 2020

Philadelphia may not be known for its pizza, but there are plenty of great pizzerias serving up slices all over the city. 

Whether you’re new to Philadelphia, visiting, or just need advice on where to find the best pizza in your neighborhood, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best pizza in Philadelphia. Find the closest pizza shop near you or work your way through the whole list for a fun pizza tour! 

Best Pizza in Philly: Top 10 Pizza Shops in Philadelphia


      1. Tacconelli’s Pizzeria
      2. Angelo’s Pizzeria
      3. Pizzeria Beddia
      4. Circles + Squares
      5. Rione
      6. Pizza Brain
      7. La Rosa Pizza
      8. Blackbird Pizza
      9. Pitruco
      10. Lorenzo & Sons


Tacconelli’s Pizzeria

Port Richmond

2604 East Somerset St

tacconelli's pizza

Tacconelli’s has been around for quite some time, but it’s been a well kept secret in Port Richmond. Open since 1946, Tacconelli’s is known for its tomato pie. It has become so popular that they recommend reserving your dough in advance. Tacconelli’s is BYOB and cash only.


Angelo’s Pizzeria 

Bella Vista

736 S 9th St

angelo's pizza

Angelo’s Pizzeria was famous in Haddonfield, New Jersey before closing up shop there and moving to South Philly. Now, Angelo’s has a cult following in Bella Vista, near Philadelphia’s Italian Market. Angelo’s is famous for their dough, which is long-fermented to perfection. This popular pizza shop is closed on Monday and Tuesday, and they have no phone number so you’ll have to go order in person. 


Pizzeria Beddia 


1313 N. Lee St

pizzeria beddia

Pizzeria Beddia was named the best pizza in the US a few years ago, and it’s easily one of the best pizza places in Philly. The dough is expertly charred for crunch, and they feature creative toppings. Pizzeria Beddia is a full service restaurant, but they do offer takeout Monday-Thursday. They also have a hoagie room for a two hour pizza and hoagie Omakase experience. 



Circles + Squares


2513 Tulip St

circles + squares

Circles + Squares is named after the different shapes their pizza is offered in: thin crust circular pizzas or Detroit-style square pies with a thicker, chewier texture. They offer various toppings, and each pizza is essentially a build-your-own experience. Customers choose between a circle or square pizza, red, cheese, or white, and then add toppings as they see fit. 




102 S 21st St


Rione serves up classic, Roman style pizza – which makes sense, since the owner is a transplant from Rome. They sell pizza al taglio (by the cut) in rectangles cut on the spot. The dough rises for 72 hours, creating  a light, airy crust. Produce is bought locally for fresh and seasonal flavors, and others are imported right from Italy. 


Pizza Brain 


2313 Frankford Ave

pizza brain

Pizza Brain is another Fishtown pizza shop that makes the best Philadelphia pizza list. It’s also the world’s first pizza museum, with pizza artifacts covering the walls. Pizza Brain features quirky pizza flavors on a thin crust. The pizzas are unusually named, like the Felix Hupert or Wendy Wentworth. They also offer vegan pizza options. 


La Rosa Pizza

South Philly

2106 S Broad St

la rosa pizza

La Rosa Pizza serves up square pies in South Philly, a simple pizza joint without any bells and whistles. They serve traditional thick crust pizza in a classic, unassuming pizza shop on Broad street. Aside from standard flavors, they are also famous for a potato and rosemary pie. 


Blackbird Pizzeria 

Northern Liberties

614 N 2nd St

blackbird pizza

Plenty of pizza shops offer vegan options, but Blackbird Pizzeria is an entirely vegan operation. They sell pizzas, calzones, sandwiches, salads, and sides, all with vegan ingredients. Vegan pizza toppings include seitan, garlic, tofu, and plenty of veggies. While everything at Blackbird Pizza is vegan, it’s a great pick for plant-based diets and meat eaters alike. 



University City

3401 Walnut St

pitruco pizza

Pitruco began by making wood-fired pizzas in a food truck before moving to a brick and mortar location in University City, in Franklin’s Table food hall. They still operate their food truck as well, so they may pop up in a location near you. At both the truck and the University City location, Pitruco serves popular, made-to-order Neapolitan pies with a classic crust and plenty of topping options. 


Lorenzo & Sons 

South Street Headhouse District

305 South Street

lorenzo pizza

It’s hard to talk about famous Philly pizzas without mentioning Lorenzo and Sons. If you’re looking for a slice of pizza bigger than your head, this is the place to go. While it’s probably not the best pizza in Philly, it is a classic Philadelphia restaurant with huge, gooey slices of pizza. After a night out on South Street, waiting in line for a slice at Lorenzo’s is practically a rite of passage. 


Final Thoughts

While New Yorkers will protest, Philadelphia has some of the best pizza in the country. Check out the best pizza in Philadelphia or do a tasting tour to find your favorites. 

Did we forget someone? Let us know your favorite Philadelphia pizza in the comments! If you need help with marketing for your pizza restaurant, contact Restaurant Clicks today!

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