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How To Host a Successful Industry Night 

How To Host a Successful Industry Night  If you’re looking for a way to bring more guests into your restaurant and make ties within the local restaurant industry, an industry night is a great way to do so. Hosting a service industry night can transform a typically quiet night into a huge win for your business, and there are plenty of other benefits. Read on to learn more about what industry night is and why your restaurant should host one! What is Industry Night? Industry night is a special night hosted by a restaurant that offers deals and discounts to local restaurant industry workers. Servers, hosts, chefs, bartenders, and other restaurant staff can attend industry night to take a break from serving and enjoy special deals. Often, bars hosting industry night will stay open past normal hours for service industry workers getting off their shifts late. Industry nights are often held on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday nights – nights that traditionally aren’t as busy, so you can turn a slow…

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